I-502 Update

HMJ has been following a Washington State story wherein the future form and fashion of re-legalized cannabis is being debated.  The issue is Initiative 502, a cannabis legalization bill.  Regular readers are aware that there are two schools of thought as to the initiative — (obviously) pro and con.  What gives this story its twist is that both the pro and con I-502 groups are AT THE SAME TIME pro cannabis.
With Seattle’s Hempfest just past the I-502 story and it’s twist got lots of coverage, which you can find HERE. What I want to focus on is another part of this article where we learn that “Steve Sarich, a longtime activist in the medical marijuana community who heads the official campaign to defeat I-502, was not even invited to attend Saturday’s debate at Hempfest. The opposition was instead left to [others] to argue.

“They’ve locked us out of the debate,” Sarich said.. “But quite frankly, Hempfest is 250,000 people and 60 voters, so we don’t necessarily expect to make a whole lot of converts, because most of the people here don’t even vote.”

“Never has an issue divided our community like 502,” said debate moderator Don Wirtshafter. “Hopefully, here we can use the Hempfest festival to work toward more energy, and what we can agree on.”
What caught my attention is that “250,000 attendees and only 60 voters” comment. You are registered to vote, aren’t you?

[iamge: Google images Washington]

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