I must be High: Django Unchained

I must be High: How did I not know about Django Unchained?

Sometimes when I am high I start trippin’. I get a little distracted, sometimes I don’t notice things because I am lost in thoughts like Is that really an ice cream cone on Gucci’s Face or Ice cream should be pre-packaged in a cone with fudge (only to find that this exists already).

Why do I think of ice cream? Who was the first person to think of ice cream?

Once I thought…why doesn’t someone create an entertaining, startlingly gritty civil war era movie that will scare the living sh*ts out of me, leaving me thinking that I must be high because this sh*t is too good to be true.

Well! All Hail Mary Jane, a lovely green muse must have influenced this year’s soon-t0-be hit Django Unchained.  If none of you have heard about it, it is the new Quintin Tarantino joint coming out this December starring Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, and Seth Rogan (who I am sure is not Seth Rogan, maybe he is Michael Cera – but you know he probably isn’t…what is his name?), sorry, actually I mean Jonah Hill (one of my favorite comedic tokers).

This isn’t your every day Gone with the Wind. Our hero is not another docile, “uncle tom” stereotype. Notorious for his legendary film  Pulp Fiction, Tarantino holds nothing back with Django Unchained. Foxx is a gun-wielding, revenge-seeking, freed slave who is on a blood-soaked path to finding his wife (Washington). Sh*t gets real when he crosses paths with the ratchet slave-master (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is holding his wife. A few other movies that Tarantino are famous for include Kill Bill , Grindhouse , From Dusk till Dawn,  Little Nicky and  Sin City . For all you Tarantino fans out there I’m sure that you know what this means. Grimy fight scenes, beautiful women, a healthy dose of old school gore and a pinch of bitting social commentary.

Some aren’t too happy about the story being portrayed, some cannot wait to sit front-row for the ride and other’s just aren’t sure yet. What do you think, will Tarantino’s unconventional hero be up for the next Oscar?

Image Sources Hollywood Reporter and hollywood.com

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