I Want To Work For Snoop Dogg

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Most employers nowadays will fire you if they find out you smoke weed or not even hire you in the first place. Not all employers are that bad though. Some are better than others, like Snoop Dogg for example. According to TMZ, someone in Snoop’s entourage was about to be popped for receiving a “suspicious package” at a hotel that ended up containing medical marijuana. Snoop came attempted to come to the rescue though…

A few hours ago, cops in Norfolk, Virginia got a tip that a suspicious package had just arrived in the mail from Canada to the Norfolk Plaza Hotel, where Snoop and crew were staying.

Our Norfolk law enforcement
sources tell us cops monitored the package that was addressed to a member of Snoop’s entourage … then swooped in and arrested the dude for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

That’s when Mr. Dogg showed up in the lobby and told cops the weed was for him, and then flashed his medical marijuana card.

Wow. A boss that wants the weed so bad, he is willing to take the rap to save you and the weed from being taken away by cops. Now that is the kind of upstanding employer we need more of in the world. Unlike all of these companies that will lay you off for no reason.

The member of the entourage was arrest and it is being investigated. I will be keeping an eye on this one and keep you guys updated.

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Author: Lenny

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