If You Smoke a Ton of Cannabis You Could Be a Star on MTV!

I’m old in comparison to most HMJ readers and writers, and I’m unfamiliar with current MTV programming. The popular Music Television station has long since passed it’s position as the zeitgeist of popular teenager  twee culture mid cult, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally bankrupt…of ideas. They’re currently looking for “Marijuana [sic] addicts” for an upcoming season of its popular(?) series True Life. Lets go over some of their parameters for possible involvement after the jump.

Are you, HMJ reader, between the ages of 15-28? God, I’m not even in the age range anymore. Are you addicted to cannabis? That’s about as ambiguous a question as you’ll see, so lets go to some more particular questions about this supposed cannabis addiction.

Via Toke of the Town (which had a hilarious take on the promotional piece):

Are you smoking so much marijuana that it’s messing up your life? Have you gone way beyond the ‘typical’ pot smoker to the point where you need weed just to feel normal?

Do you continue to smoke despite negative consequences in your life? Do you want to quit but you’re finding it hard to stop?

Have you looked into treatment programs or support groups for marijuana addiction? Are you smoking large amounts of Spice or K2, a form of synthetic marijuana?

If you answered “yes” to any of these simplistic questions, then go see a shrink or stop smoking herb. Whoops, I mean ” send your name, age, phone number, location, a photo (mm-hm) and a brief explanation of your [annoying stupid] situation to TLmarijuana@gmail.com, or call 718-422-0704, extension 115.

Toke of the Town’s editor Steve Elliot really reamed MTV out for this one, and I’m glad. The real gripe I have is the supposed addiction to synthetic cannabis. That’s right up there with pedo porn and racism for me. I have told you before, and I’ll tell you again. DO NOT SMOKE SYNTHETIC POT! It’s gross, dangerous and as Steve mentioned “pathetic.”

That being said, I’m sure there are plenty of people who actually do struggle with (actual) cannabis addiction, and I’m sorry if my snarky commentary offends you. The vast majority of synthetic cannabis smokers are so turned-around and attention-starved, they’re willing to try the cheap knock-off rather than the real thing (which is delicious and only addictive on a psychological level). Smoke herb if you enjoy it. It’s not addictive. Trust me. Don’t smoke if it’s not your thing. Don’t make the decision based off what your buddies are doing or any other back-to-school special scenario you can think of.

I don’t know what this whole True Life show is about, but if you’re really going through some addiction (I would know), then don’t go on a television show. Actually, never go on a television show–under any circumstances.

The world is a tough place without you advertising your fame-starved fake addiction to the general public. I’ll let Nina explain with the words of Langston.

[Toke of the Town]

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