Illinois Denies Medical Marijuana Bill

I wish this article (see full story here) was me announcing that Illinois is the 16th state to approve the usage of medical marijuana, but unfortunately I’m doing the exact opposite. The bill just barely lost with 53 for and 59 against, it needed 60 votes for to be approved. The opposing force was led by a Republican (of course) named David Reis who said approving the bill would “send the wrong message to the children”. These arguments against medical marijuana seem to be getting more and more ignorant, is it just me or do my Greenie’s agree?

Critics said that to pass the measure would open the door to legalizing recreational marijuana. Of course, there had to be one during the debate, today it was Rep. David Reis, a Republican from Olney who stood up to say that by passing SB1381 in Illinois, they would be sending the wrong message to the children.

Why is it that for some reason Republicans think that approving medical marijuana is so bad for the children? Isn’t it the parents jobs to keep things away from kids that could be harmful to them? I mean, I know plenty of parents that leave bottles of liquors out in the open. I think it’s much easier to take a sip from a bottle than it is to smoke marijuana (which requires preparation and some sort of prior knowledge). Anyways, the bill is planned to be re-worked to get those 7 missing votes on the next vote on the bill.

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Author: itslloyal

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