Important Side Effects of Cannabis

Toke of the Town had a lovingly sardonic post about the side effects of marijuana cannabis. This was a nice reminder that toking ganja is at once relaxing and also helpful for your “bliss within.” Check out the funny asides, and my own after the jump.

So here is Toke of the Town’s warning label:

Hahaha. You know, because marijuana cannabis makes most of us (HMJ readers and writers) feel just lovely! In the interest of a very real discussion about the side effects of the sticky-icky, here are some of the more diabolical byproducts of toking up:

  • Paranoia–come on, you know you’ve gotten freaked out at school or at work convinced everyone knows you’re stoned. I have a simple solution. Who gives a fuck? If you’re in a high intensity job it will probably help relax you. If you’ve got security clearance at your job, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TOKING UP BEFORE WORK! If you’re like me, and just blog all day, or go to class you can toke to your heart’s delight. I never cared if people knew I was stoned. You shouldn’t either. Embrace it.
  • Short term memory loss. If you’ve never experienced this phenomenon, then you’ve never toked up that often. I’m not saying it stunts your memory, or you become incapable of spelling “the,” you just might go into a room and forget why you went into the room in the first place. For a life without responsibility this isn’t that big a deal. Conversely, if you hold the codes to launch nuclear arms, maybe you wanna lay off the herb.
  • Munchies. 34% of adults over the age of 20 are obese. 34% of adults over the age of 20 are overweight, but not obese. 18% of teenagers aged 12-19 are obese. [Source] I’m not even going to get into the little kids that are packing on pounds, but anything that makes you exceedingly hungry can be dangerous these days. Diabetes ain’t fun.
  • No Peripheral Vision.  I mentioned this already, but I first picked up on it as a Freshman in high school when I would smoke blunts and play basketball. I wasn’t dishing the rock with the regularity I usually do because I couldn’t see anything out of the corner of my eye. Ganja leads to tunnel vision. This is a fact.
  • Apathy. This one is simply a matter of circumstance. A lot of college students (I used to be one), are prone to excitement and overemotional behavior. This can be stymied by the pacifying effects of cannabis sativa. Some people are naturally disinclined to hard work (ahem, me–note the infrequency of posts), but cannabis doesn’t combat this, it augments your general lack of motivation. This isn’t the case for some people, but cannabis provides less of an incentive to work hard.

OK. So those are some of the negatives. The positives far outweigh the negatives though. Cannabis is a safe, affordable, organic drug that mother nature provides to take the edge off this corporeal world. I love it. You might too, but there are downsides to everything in life, and these are just a few for cannabis. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get high and take a nap. This post was exhausting.

[Toke of the Town; PHOTO: Tumblr]

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