In Michigan You Can Buy Beer, Chips AND Marijuana

Karl’s Korners in Oswego, Michigan (right in the middle of the state between the two Great Lakes) was raided by authorities for dispensing medical marijuana. The son of the owner of the shop of delights, Jeffrey Hagerman, made sure to mention both he and his partner possessed medical marijuana cards thus allowing patient to patient care. So what’s the problem? Check it after the jump (and if you’re somehow from Oswego, Michigan you can see a picture of the shop, so you can warn your kids or start shopping there all of a sudden).

I’m not totally up to date on Michigan’s medical marijuana laws, so maybe a commenter can fill me in, but the problem with Karl’s Korner is they sell beer too. You can’t be selling herb out of the back of your store; no seriously, they were selling it out back, “‘We had opened up a dispensary in the back,’ said Jeffrey Hagerman,” and also have a liquor license. Hagerman continues, “‘”My partner and I both had medical marijuana cards,” and “performed patient-to-patient transactions.”‘

A party store that sold beer, chips, and the usual party detritus also selling marijuana?! Sounds like a one-stop-shop for college students. Unfortunately, it’s not legal.Via Toke of the Town:

​Authorities put the kibosh on the budding business last week when they raided Karl’s Korners in the small Oswego neighborhood of Otsego and took the marijuana, along with rolling papers, storage jars, and just about anything else they thought might be “marijuana-related.”
It’s against liquor laws to sell marijuana and alcohol from the same location, and Otsego has an ordinance prohibiting such sales as well.
That’s not all, it seems the residents of the tiny town in Oswego, with the confusingly similar name of Ostego, were not very happy with the party store also electing to alleviate glaucoma.
Some of the pot-fearing folks of Otsego told NewsChannel 3 that Karl’s is no longer a place where their kids stop in to buy candy. Hell, even some of the parents will no longer go there even to buy milk or bread. 

“It’s nowhere I let my kids go near,” said Angie Gardner.
Gardner said that a few years ago Karl’s was a mom and pop shop where quick stops were frequent, but that was before the longtime owners sold the place. Now, some neighbors of the store want it shut down.
“It’s not a staple, not a place we want in the neighborhood,” Gardner claimed.

Hey Karl’s Korners, feel free to move to my Brooklyn neighborhood, I’m sure you’ll get a surplus of interested patrons. For those in Oswego, or Ostego, just because they were selling marijuana literally out of the back of the store, doesn’t mean their beer, chips and salsa is any less delicious. Take care Karl’s Korner, and don’t let the Michigan party poopers get you down.

[WWMT NewsChannel 3; h/t and pics via Toke of the Town]

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