Industrial Hemp Resurgent

I spend my days in the luxurious penthouse at the HMJ World Headquarters Building, where I keep making the case that change is close.  We are going to re-legalize in some form or fashion.  I believe this because most any day of the week, in the Wall Street Journal [how  much more mainstream can you get?], in the financial section, there will be stories about companies working with cannabis.   This is America and America loves a buck.  The country may be about to reconcile Reefer Madness with profit-potential in a soft economy.  Here’s a bit of today’s offering:
The company issuing this press release is Marijuana, Inc., who wish you to know that they are, “proud to announce [their] support of the third annual Hemp History Week which features more than 800 celebrations and promotions around the country. The campaign strives to educate consumers about the environmental advantages and nutritional benefits of hemp products.

“The estimated annual retail sales of Hemp products in the United States are $419 million. Hemp products are sold in most major food stores and industrial Hemp is also used in textiles, skin care, building materials, and in biocomposites for auto parts such as in dashboards, seating, and doors. China is the largest producer followed by France and our closest hemp growing neighbor is Canada. All money paid related to growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, and much of the shipping costs are paid to foreign countries because our farmers are not allowed to grow this safe, healthy, sustainable crop. Every year demand grows and while our retailers can participate, our farmers are banned.

“Hemp was legal to grow in the United States until 1937 when it was unjustly tied to its very different but similar variety, marijuana. Hemp, Inc. remains committed to sharing the benefits of industrial hemp with the world and looks forward to the day when the American farmer can once again grow this bio-friendly crop and consumers can enjoy the benefits of locally grown nutritious hemp foods.

“In honor of Hemp week and in accordance with the growth and evolution of Marijuana, Inc. we have changed our name to Hemp, Inc. The change goes into effect immediately. ”

Our country made a bad decision in the 1930’s when it outlawed the hemp plant. As there was and is no legitimate basis to make the plant illegal, why so much resistance to fixing a mistake? Fear. Lies. Seventy-five years of fear and lies has its own momentum, its own inertia. That is changing. America smells money.

This press release covers several on-going projects of Hemp, Inc. Check it out here.

[image: Google images hemp]

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