International Cannabis and Hemp Expo 2011 Recap

As our readers know, this year the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo (INTCHE) was hosted in the streets of Oakland. It was a nice change of pace being outside in streets as opposed to being contained within the Cow Palace like last year’s event. This massive medical marijuana public awareness expo took up 5 city blocks that wrapped around Oakland’s City Hall.

When you first walk into the entrance of this cannabis street fair, you are being handed fliers for doctors that will give you a ‘good deal’ on a medical marijuana recommendation. Both sides of the street are lined with booth after booth of every imaginable cannabis related product that doesn’t actually contain any cannabis what so ever. These booths took up about 3 blocks and wrapped around into ‘Munchie Row’ where you had your choice of everything sweet, savory, spicy, hot or cold! This area of the event didn’t really come into play until a few bowls/wax dabs in the 215 Section.

One thing I wish would have been smoother is the line to be verified as a patient. As usual most everyone that attends these expos is a medical marijuana card holder needs to be verified as a patient before they can enter the Prop 215 Section of the event, which means yet another long line you have to wait in before you can enjoy your meds!

Once in the 215 section you are welcomed with the pleasant aroma of fellow tokers lighting up freely, practically on the steps of Oakland City Hall! One unfortunately thing about the 215 section is the dispensary booths weren’t allowed to sample their products. Even though the 215 booths couldn’t…umm…ask for donations for their products, there was still plenty of mary jane going around all day.

I overheard a few attendees complaining about not being able to ‘donate’ towards some quality cannabis. The Grand Daddy Purp booth did manage to give out quite a few free gram samples of their signature strain when the event first started rollin on Saturday, but all cannabis transactions were later put on hold. I’m not sure why, at past events the booths in the 215 Section have been allowed to sell their wares via donations. If you came to the event looking to score a bunch of free herbage, then you were sadly let down.

The Judge’s Kit however, is a completely different story. I managed to meet up with a couple people who had purchased judge’s passes and were toting around their box of goodies. Each judge was given a half ounce of cannabis flower, a quarter ounce of concentrates/hashes/oils/waxes, a variety of edible samples, and a small ‘Stoner Survival Kit’ consisting of an acrylic grinder, rolling papers, and a lighter. Oh and I can’t forget the free munchie tickets that came with each judge’s kit!

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