International Cannabis and Hemp Expo

I attended the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace in San Francisco last Saturday and had planned to write this post up earlier but it was put on hold due to my school schedule, (gearing up to finish this semester) and other personal issues, so here it is now.

First impressions on the event; I wish that it would have been held on the main floor of the Cow Palace, instead it was split into 2 (what seemed to be) large storage rooms, one on the North side of the building and one on the South side, and in fact I missed out on half of the even because I wasn’t aware that it was split into 2 sections and that the other section was on the other side of the building. The signs that they did have up weren’t very visible and I only knew they had it in 2 sections because I had grabbed the program guide as I was leaving and didn’t read it until I was back on the train headed home.

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The Even Floor Plan, I only saw the South Hall

Hopefully next year they will actually be IN the Cow Palace instead of off in the storage rooms. What I did manage to see was pretty cool though, lots of vendors, everyone was super nice and polite. I talked to a few of the vendors on the South side and managed to get a couple on video.

The High Way Shooter: No more burning your finger tips trying to hit that last bit of you joint with the High Way Shooter.

Celebration Pipes: This man has been making these 22kt. Gold Plated Lavastone Pipes for 37 years, they looked pretty cool and felt very comfortable in the hand.

Grow N’ Mobile: This trailer was pretty cool, completely decked out for the perfect grow op on the go, bring your crops with you with ease.

Bul-It: My cousin wanted to buy one of these at the show but they didn’t have any to sell because they came from the UK, he ordered on online as soon as we got back though, should be here any day now actually, will keep you informed on how it is.

This last video is just a clip of one of the many tables of stuff, I want one of those car pipes, I think smoking out of a police vehicle would make smoking that much more enjoyable.

I had a good time, I wish I would have known it was split into 2 sections, I thought it should have been bigger. I would definitely like to go back next year, hopefully Cali get’s its shit together and legalize cannabis, then I won’t have to worry about getting a medical card to get into the 215 section.

List of vendors at the expo:

420 Magazine – 420 Web Pros – Absolutely Wonderful – Antiques – ASA – CaNorml – Cannabis Culture – Cannadoc – Celebstoner – Confidential Mediation Services – Dr. Frank Lucido – Good Green Builders – The Great Book of Hashish – Dr. Greenthumb – Growmugs – Grow Op Tech – Hemp Dog Collars – Institute for Genetics – Local Union 13 – MediTHC – MPP – Medicinal 101 – My MMJ – Norml – N. Bay Tech – Oksterdam University – Omni Anviro – Plainview – ProGro 2000 – Pure Water – Rich Miller – SAFER – Satori Clothing – Segways – Sew Many Colors – SF Bay Guadian – SF Weekly – Shirts from LV – Smokin’ Trees – SSDP – Statewide Insurance – TAXCAN 2010 – Treating Yourself – Treeshurt – Troy-Book – Waiting to Inhale – Wast Coast Leaf Magazine – Advanced Nutrients – Allin 1 e – ARY Wholesale – Cannabis Planet TV – Be Legal Greens – Celebration Pipes – Delta 9 – Doob Toobs – Ed Rosenthal – Essential Vape – Gravity Vortex – Green Aid – Happy Chief – Heaven Flow – Highway Shooter – Holistic Health & Education – Increase Labs – Kasher – Kotton Mouth Kings – Lollipipe – MediCann – MedFresh – Momentum Glass – Nebula – Pipe Logos – Pot Bottles – Pure Hemp Papers – Red Eye – Seattle Hempfest – Sensi Seeds – Seven Pipe – Smoke Shope Wholesaler – Stealthgrow – Trident Pure Water – Vandalay Trading – Vape pen – Vape World – Vapor Warehouse – Vrip Tech – Vapor Store – Weedtracker – Zephyr

Prop 215 Vendors:

420 Medias – ARC Healing Center – Berkeley PCC – Cali Connection – Canna Care – Corcal Helping Hand Collective – Elevated Medical – GDP Collective – Grow Op Tech – Haight Sold State – Jai Trimming Table – – Medithrive – Milkman Delivery – Pills – Re-Leaf SF – SBSPA – Solace Care – South Sac – Speedy Weedy Delivery – Sobcoll TGA – Sew Many Colors 215 – Trinity L.A. – Vapor Room – 7-Stars – All About Wellness – Angel’s Care – CNNA 2 Grow Radio – Divinity Tree – El Camino Wellness – Gravity Vortex – Herbal Leaf San Jose – High Times – Medi-Leaf – OrganiCann – The 408CC – University Ave Wellness – Vape It Volcano Lounge – VRip Tech – Weed Tracker – YAK Edibles

VIP Section:

ABC Seeds – Cali Connection – Green Door Glass Lounge – HopeNet hash & Keif Bar – INTCHE VIP – Kush Seeds – Sensi Seeds – Sonoma Patients Group – Hash Bar – Stoney Girl Seeds – Subcool/TGA Seeds – Zephyr Vape Lounge

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