Interview: Extraction Extraordinaire Nikka T of Essential Extracts Has a Concentrated Convo With HMJ


It’s not everyday that you get to meet someone who is an expert in their field and a proven champion. That is what you get when you talk to Nikka T.

Nikka T owns one of the most well known and respected extract companies, Essential Extracts. He does not give away all of his secrets but he does explain everything you need to know about solvent-less wax here. As someone who is learning more about wax now than I ever have, this info is amazing. Nikka T is also a DJ and has accumulated a plethora of awards for competitions that he has entered for his extracts.

Without further ado, I will let you delve into the world of an OG in the making.

As one of the most vocal extract artists out there; Why do you prefer the solvent-less method versus the butane? 
In all honesty, its mainly personal preference as far as why i prefer the solvent-less method.  But its also a matter of promoting a safe method of extraction.  Why teach people to use a dangerous solvent in their home, when you can teach someone to extract via solvent-less methods to achieve the same result without the risk factor?
For many years Growers and people involved in the medical marijuana community have been underground, What made you become so public? 
When the option was put forth, I had to make a decision one way or the other. There was no middle ground anymore. I could now continue what I was already doing, but legally, and reach more people without risking my life on the streets, or I could possibly go to Jail or be killed. So i decided to come above ground. Im extremely public with what I do, because i do everything by the book these days and want to spread the knowledge I have gained to enhance extract artists throughout the world, thereby creating more quality in general.
Why do you think BHO is more popular than the other methods of extraction when it comes to concentrates? 
Its the newest thing. Its easy to make quickly and people love their dabbing lifestyle these days.  When it comes to solvent-less extracts, i think some people are a little scared of the small amount of residue left behind on their nail due to the intact trichome head containing waxes and a plant membrane. I personally would rather have a little bit of char left behind containing more terpenoids, than have any chance of consuming residual solvent or other heavy metals.
How do you feel about lab testing of product? 
I think that it is imperative, especially for edible products.  The only issue is, the labs that the majority of the medical cannabis industry are using are still learning a lot daily when it comes to testing concentrates, edibles and flowers.  We are headed in the right direction, but we need to get all of the labs on the same page as far as regulation, standards and equipment used.
Are there any current Strains that maybe none of us have heard of that you love right now?
Stella Blue (Old school Amsterdam strain from Anyday Cafe).  Coal Creek Kush (Clone only OG Kush variety originally from Southern California but has been growing in a specific region of Colorado for years)
When it comes to your favorite method of smoking do you prefer a bong hit, blunts, joints, a vaporizer or rig .. maybe an edible or something else?
Hail Mary Jane is very much about music culture as well as marijuana – We know that you yourself are in the music industry-how do you think the two complement each other?
As a Reggae DJ and hash maker, I basically live THE life.  Hashing during the day, DJing at night; and sometimes a little of both until the wee hours of the morning. But I love it all.  Both Reggae music and extract artistry are passions of mine, so im living the dream.  On a physical note, Ganja keeps me goin while I DJ. It helps my back/sciatic nerve    and keeps me performing to the best of my abilities. Plus, how can u go wrong with smokin some ganja while listenin to some nice reggae beats? 
What do you have upcoming musically?
We have cannabis friendly music events every first and third friday of the month as well as plenty of other events to fill the gaps.  Higher Heights at the Hoodlab first fridays, Massive Reggae at Funky Buddha third fridays and I have a huge event coming up August 24th!!  I will be the MC and DJ for Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks this year!!  Essential Extracts also have a big collaboration project with DJ Child from Project Groundation Massive comin soon.  Look out for the mixtape “Revolutionary Warfare” droppin anyday now!!
Who are some of your favorite growers?
Still cant name names like that… Hoping that will change soon.  Ill link them with u, and they can tell u what they are willing to share.
Some of your favorite educational books on growing?
Forums and friends, but most importantly my family who have owned garden centers my whole life.
Some advice for people who are enthusiastic about getting involved in the industry?
Take initiative. This “legal” industry is fairly new still, so without taking initiative nothing will get accomplished in a timely matter. Also, realize that you cant just be a “lazy stoner”. Dont slack off. This isnt hustling on the street anymore whenever u feel like getting out of bed.  This is a real business.
Now we all know every Coast likes to fight for who has the best weed, you have been all around the world so where do you think the ‘best weed’ comes from?
No matter where u go it depends on who you know.  The “best weed” comes from everywhere as long as you stay well connected.  keep the links strong.
Nikka T cut his locks off!  Here is the before shot....

Nikka T cut his locks off! Here is the before shot….

What is your favorite song about weed?
I think it changes up daily, but right now, I would probably have to say…  for versatility sake; The Yaadcore California Remix of Wiz Khalifa and Protoje’s tune “This is NOT a marijuana song”
Favorite glass blower? Favorite handheld vape? 
Favorite glassblower is a tough one as i mainly smoke spliffs, but I like Carver B, Steve Bates, Smiley, Jason Harris, WJC, Joshua Tree Glass and a few more im sure im leaving out.  Favorite Handheld vape would be the Atmos Raw.  Versatile in that you can vape flowers, hash and errls in it.
Here is how he looks after the locks

Here is how he looks after the locks

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