Interview: Rapper, Actor & Cleveland Royalty – King Chip (@Chip216)

With an identifiably smooth yet raspy voice, potent lyrics and a demeanor that exudes nobility, the self-crowned King Chip (@Chip216) is steadily rising to greatness.  After gaining the attention of stoners across the web with his last mixtape, Tell ya Friends, and recent bangers, like “Hy As Fuck”; King Chip appears on Just What Iam, the first single (now #1 on iTunes hip hop/rap charts) from long time friend and fellow rapper, Kid Cudi’s upcoming album Indicud.  The rapper formerly known as “Chip Tha Ripper” has indeed been quite busy lately signing to the CAA (Creative Artists Agency, one of Hollywood’s top talent agency’s), debuting in his first acting role at Ford Theatre and hopping on tracks with everyone from Big Sean to Smoke DZA. Chip is currently working on his self titled debut album, Charles Worth, and is next set to grace the stage of the A3C Festival in Atlanta on Oct. 11-13.

I first met Chip at Rock the Bells where we discussed everything from the new single to marijuana reform. He also dropped a few encouraging words in the mix, if you follow him on Twitter you know he likes to spread the love.

“We all have greatness within ourselves, so that’s why I call myself King. I think you’re a queen. People may not get it now but they’ll get it soon…”  – King Chip

I’m ALWAYS glad to meet people who are on that positive wave. He got mad points from the HMJ team for rocking our sticker too! Check the rest of the interview below and make sure you cop the new single Just What Iam on iTunes.


Semi: So Chip, how are you doing today? 


I’m doing good! We’re here at Rock the Bells it’s crazy out here.

What song(s) are you excited to perform?

Well Cudi and I just dropped this new single and it’s really ground breaking. So I’m excited to perform that. I’ve been getting crazy feedback more than any other record I’ve ever put out in a short amount of time. This will also be the first time I’m performing as King Chip.

Yes, how did that name change come about?

I didn’t necessarily choose my rap name. I used to battle rap back in the day and I mean I never thought I would make it out the ghetto. People started calling me Chip the Ripper, I’m like whatever ok. Next thing you know, my Twitter has a blue check mark on it and I’m like, “What’s this? Hold we gotta re-evaluate all this.” I’ve always been King Chip but I was always very non-chalant and laid back. But see King Chip is here to let everyone know that we all have greatness within ourselves. So that’s why I call myself King. I think you’re a queen. People may not get it now but they’ll get it soon. King Chip is what it is.

You guys just dropped the joint single; any word on the joint album? 

It’s really no release date but we’re always recording. We have tons of songs that people haven’t even really heard. We got enough songs together to put out an album right now but it’s all about perfection. So I just been trying to perfect my sound, trying to record more. Just trying to have a lot of inventory, a lot of music.

So what’s your next big project?

I’m thinking about dropping a single. I’m not signed to any record label. The only company I’m with is called the CAA. They have clients like Denzel, Jim Carey, Kanye, Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey. So it’s huge to be with them but I’m not a part of any label so we just do whatever we want.  So I may drop a single, haven’t decided yet, but we want to see what this Cudi song does first.

I will say I’ve had it (Just What Iam) on replay since it dropped!

Thank you! Yea they hit me up like we’re gonna run with this and I don’t know we’ll see what happens. We’re talking about videos now and all that.

I know you’re a huge marijuana advocate, obviously. How do you feel about them trying to ban dispensaries in LA?

Even though the dispensaries may get banned I have one that will never let me go without. But it kind of sucks that they’re starting over or putting a pause on the movement like rest period at the pool. But I think they are making too much money to just stop. They need the money like we need the weed.

If you had one thing to tell all your young fans right now what would it be?

If I could tell my fans one thing, I would tell them that greatness is within you like it is within me… And King Chip is everywhere! Haha

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Author: Semi

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