12 Inventions That Had To Have Been Created By Stoners

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Stoners are some of my favorite people in the world. They are resourceful, innovative, and they come up with some of the wildest ideas around. There is something about being stoned that brings out the most creative sides of people. It also brings out the hungriest and (sometimes) laziest parts of people too. When you are stoned you just want to chill and eat something.

Before you read this list I will give my disclaimer, I don't know for certain that everyone who invented the products are this list were stoners. This is just speculation but pretty undeniable speculation at that.

Here are 12 inventions that were almost certainly created by someone who was blazing.


George Foreman Grill - Anything that can cook up meat this quickly, easily, and thoroughly had to have been created by a stoner. We need as many assorted munchies as we can have in as short a time as possible.

Multiple disk CD changers - For when you need to hear that track and you just DON'T feel like moving anywhere to change the CD.


Remote controls - Maybe the most important invention for stoners ever for obvious reasons. If it wasn't for this, you would probably never change your channel, ever.

Recliners - Being comfortable during high times is essential.


Microwave Ovens - This was made by stoners for stoners. Similarly to the George Foreman Grill, fast and easy food is always a good thing.

Vending Machines - More quick and easy food, especially if you do it like these guys do it.

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  1. Maybe stoners are on to something. Most of these are great inventions that everyone uses!
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  2. I have always said that stoners are the most creative people regarding the inventions that serve our purpose — my favorite set of tools includes a bent paper clip, a metal nail file, and some dentist looking tools my husband used to use for his teeth :)

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  3. im not saying your wrong, but those could have just been invented by people who wanted to make things convenient. Im sure some were created by stoners though

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    • hey way to kill the fun

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  4. Pretty sure this was just a humorous article.

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  5. hehehe, "a couple more kicks should do it! "

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  6. microwave was created by a guy walking down a street that had a chocolate bar in his pocket when he walked by something emmiting microwaves the chocolate bar in his pocket melted

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