Is Marijuana the New Medicine?

Although weed has been used for its therapeutic properties around the world for thousands of years, its use as legal medical marijuana in North America is relatively new and surrounded by political controversy. In the 21st century, governments are slowly coming around to the idea of using it as a medicine, the medical community is supporting its use more than ever before, and scientists are starting to perform more tests and trials to learn about its therapeutic benefits and shortcomings.

It seems, then, that medical marijuana is the new medicine. Though it cannot cure illnesses, its use as a treatment for many conditions has drastically reduced painful and severe symptoms and allowed patients to finally have a quality of life worth living for. It’s an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals for many patients. If you or someone you know could beneift from the use of medical marijuana then send them here to buy cannabis seeds online to help get them or yourself started.

Lately, medical cannabis has gained traction in many areas:


Medical marijuana has been legal in all provinces and territories in Canada since July 2001 when Health Canada established a regulation for access to marijuana for medical purposes. In the United States, medical cannabis is legal in 23 states and legislation is pending in another three states. Although it’s a good step forward for those who advocate the use of medical cannabis, the laws surrounding its use in North America are often murky and extremely specific, making it difficult to access for many patients.

Recent changes in legislature surrounding the issue over the past couple decades shows a clear indication that more people are seeing weed as an excellent alternative to traditional medicines.


Scientific research conducted on the risks and benefits of marijuana are limited. Current laws and regulations prevent scientists from performing the long-term trials on human test subjects that are needed to better understand the effects of cannabis in a medicinal context. Because political controversy surrounds the use of weed for medical purposes, there is still a long way to go in the scientific community for better understanding of medical marijuana.

There has been some forward movement, though. Scientists who have researched the effects of marijuana have realized that certain strains have more medicinal properties than others. They have been able to create cannabis-derived medical products in the forms of oral sprays and pills in order to provide patients with the therapeutic benefits they need without the feelings of intoxication. 


The number of medical cannabis users is growing steadily in North America. Patients who are tired of the potentially dangerous side effects of traditional drugs or those who have not found relief with pharmaceuticals are trying medical marijuana as an alternative. There are many self-reports from patients explaining that cannabis has been able to treat their symptoms like no other drug. Others praise cannabis for being natural, relatively non-addictive, and free from the adverse effects associated with pharmaceuticals. Medical marijuana has been known to provide relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms, epilepsy, nausea, nerve pain, and migraines, among others.

Changing Attitudes

Countries around the world are changing their attitudes toward the use of marijuana as medicine. The plant’s therapeutic benefits have been reported in the scientific and medical communities, and people are becoming more receptive to the idea of an all-natural drug to treat the symptoms of debilitating medical conditions. Although pharmaceuticals certainly have their place in the world of medicine, the use of medical marijuana as an alternative is becoming increasingly more appealing for many patients. The use of cannabis is not for every patient; however, everyone should have the right to use this natural plant to relieve symptoms related to medical conditions if they choose to.  


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Author: HMJ Staff

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