Is Our Nation’s Capitol Next?

First New York, now possibly DC?  I went to college in DC.  Aside from racking up a crap load of student debt, a lot of vestiges surround my time there:

The segregation in the city–especially along 14th St; the a__holes that you’d see at the bars, and the girls that you stole from them; everyone using their occupation as their identity; head shops did not operate within city limits, so you had to go to Baltimore to repair the female piece of the 3-foot glass bong your Navy buddy gave you when he entered the service; pretending the Washington Memorial was my d__k and getting trapped in an elevator while I was tripping; and, most importantly: delivery services didn’t exist, so you had to find your own connection.

Luckily, that last part didn’t affect me as two lovely ladies in DuPont hooked me up with a guy who delivered.

Now it seems Washington DC might become the first district to initiate a medical marijuana program.  Read on to find out how they’re using other states as examples for what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do.

Via the Washington Post

…in the District, elected officials are trying to learn from what they consider cautionary tales from other jurisdictions as they try to create a program that strikes a delicate balance: allowing safe access to the drug for those who need it, while avoiding the kind of abuse by recreational users that would attract a backlash from Congress.

Here is the legislation, spearheaded by David Catania (I-At Large), that will start the debate.  What’s crazy about all this, and has just been brought to my attention while reading this article, is that DC voted to approve an initiative to legalize medical marijuana A DECADE AGO.  “More than a decade has passed since District voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for medical treatment. But it was not until December, with Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, that city lawmakers considered converting voter intent into reality.”

I love hearing about failures that have been passed on from the Bushocracy that shrouded my time in DC.  If all goes according to plan, DC residents could be using marijuana as early as the fall.  But, they’re making sure they don’t just allow a free-for-all like Cali has been having issues with.

Catania’s  bill, backed by most of his council colleagues, proposes five retail-style dispensaries throughout the city and prevents the shops from locating near schools or youth centers. If the measure is approved, District residents with a doctor’s recommendation could legally purchase the drug as early as the fall. However, District officials must decide whether five is the right number of dispensaries for a city of 600,000 residents, where the seeds would be planted, what requirements to set for doctors who recommend medical marijuana, and which conditions would qualify for the treatment beyond illnesses such as AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

As my Boston buddies would say: “It’s wicked smaht.”  So, they’re going to use the trial and error of other states and then use those findings to recommend the proper legislation.  Wow.  Makes total sense.  I kinda want to go back.

Via Washington Post.

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