Is There a Cure for Marijuana Paranoia?

In the latest video from Vancouver's MPMC Service (Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching), Bryan Basamanowicz talks about the only true "cure" for cannabis-induced paranoid episodes. Check it out!

video courtesy of MPMC



Author: Bryan Basamanowicz

Bryan Basamanowicz makes his living in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach. He wrote a book on his practice-- you can check it out at ParanoidHuman.Com Follow Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching on twitter facebook

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  1. it’s not so much paranoia as i think i’m feeling my heart beat and fearing i’ll have a heart attack. it’s very annoying. that’s why i rarely smoke it.

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    • drink lots of water when you have that feeling

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  2. The only thing that makes most people paranoid is the same thing as the worst side effect of cannabis; police! Legalize!!!

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  3. I feel as though I started smoking it too young (12 years old) I quit smoking it as it became not so enjoyable and along with all the stress around me. After stopping for a while I started having completely random panic attacks kind of like the ones I had sometimes when I was high. I now have an anxiety disorder and was in pills but not anymore and I don’t feel sane at all . I’m worries about everything . (Expiration dates, crazy things like tripping or having LSD in my drink) I’ve tried to continue smoking but it still makes me really paranoid. But with all the stress in my life I feel like I need it

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