It’s good to be a NY Sports fan

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Not only are the Jets and Giants 3-0 but the Yanks just captured the AL East and the best record in baseball. The NY media is eating this up and god I hope the Yanks win this year so we can take bragging rights back from Sox fans. I was really looking forward to seeing them clinch yesterday and was going to be able to watch the Giants at 1, Jets at 4 and the Yanks/Sox at 8. That didn’t happen as the Jets and Yanks gave in to the public outcry of their Jewish fans and made the games before sundown for Yom Kippur. Now the Yanks, Giants and Jets all played at 1, fuck me.

That meant for the first time in my life that I remember the Jets and Giants playing at the same time. Luckily the Giants were completely dominating and that game was over pretty quickly. They shut out Tampa Bay and it really was like watching an NFL team play a college team. No highlights necessary but I am happy I picked them in one of my survivor pools.

The Jets game was exciting though. After watching them beat the Pats live last week I was thinking they would probably get their asses kicked this week because the Titans were 0-2 coming in, and they should be better than that. I wasn’t expecting a lot of points in this game either because they are two run-heavy, defensive minded teams. I was wrong on both counts and the Jets ended up beating them in a very well played game by their rookie qb. Between Sanchez this year and Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco last year I think rookies waiting a year to play is going to be a thing of the past. Everyone is going to expect results now. Here are the highlights and they are well worth watching.

NY Jets 24 – Titans 17

I’m a fan of throwbacks, but having the Jets wear their old Titans jerseys and the Titans wear their throwback Houston Oilers jerseys was pretty fucking confusing for the couple of people I was with who aren’t really big football fans. The Jets need to stop wearing those things, they are hideous.

In the rest of the NFL things got a little crazy. Detroit finally won a game against the Redskins, who could barely beat St. Louis last week. They are officially terrible and their coach probably won’t last the season.

Baltimore crushed Cleveland, who is always terrible, and that was my other survivor pool pick. That was an easy game and ended up being a shut out so I didn’t have to sweat either game this week, which is nice.

The Chargers beat up the Dolphins, which I was forced to watch at 4 and the Colts beat up on Arizona, who remembered they are the Cardinals this year and will probably suck real bad going forward.

One of the biggest surprises of the day had to be the Super Bowl Champion Steelers losing to the Bengals. Steelers now lost two in a row and don’t look like they can even contend against Baltimore in that division. They’ll have to be happy with their two rings from the last 4 years. Here are the highlights because this was one of the few good games this week.

Bengals 23 – Steelers 20

And finally, I hate Brett Favre, but he did win the game with about 2 seconds left yesterday by throwing a pass about a million miles an hour and having some nobody make an unreal catch in the back of the end zone. The catch was the real highlight but because it’s Brett Favre he had to be the one to get all the praise. What a prick but a really good game between two teams that should win their divisions.

Vikings 27 – 49ers 24

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Author: the white kid

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