Jack Herer Passes Away

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Jack Herer, legendary hemp activist and author of the seminal The Emperor Wears No Clothes, passed away at the age of 70 on Friday. Jack wasn’t doing so hot after suffering a heart attack last fall and now the legendary activist has gone to a better place. I hope weed is legal there.

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about him besides the fact that the weed that was named after him looks oh so good. Being that this is the case, I will let High Times take it away:

Herer suffered a heart attack last September after giving a speech at the Hempstalk Festival in Portland, Oregon. He spent nearly a month in the hospital before being released in October 2009. However, reports of ill health persisted from that time.

Jack Herer became one of the most influential marijuana and hemp activists in the world through speaking engagements across the country and his 1985 self-published book The Emperor Wears No Clothes – which has now sold over 600,000 copies and made Herer one of the most successful self-published authors of all time. Herer ran for President of the United States twice, was inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame in 2003 and had a highly popular strain of cannabis named in his honor.

So this 4/20 when you guys are all inevitably lighting up, blaze one for our fallen brother, Jack Herer who fought the good fight. Let’s make it to the promise land for him. RIP bro.

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