Jahaira Maravilla Could Get It


Meet Jahaira Maravilla my buddies over at Dynasty Series put me up on her. She is a model straight outta NYC who happens to be mixed with Dominican and Brazilian. That's right. I said Dominican and Brazilian. It doesn't get much better than that. That would explain why her ass looks like it weighs the same amount as a newborn baby and I am loving every inch of it. If you want to hit her up, make sure you follow her on twitter or add her on myspace. In the meantime, I'll be busy staring at her ass.  RiDONKulous.  It's probably illegal to bring something that size on an airplane.

Jahaira-MJFLIX-12 Jahaira-MJFLIX-11 Jahaira-MJFLIX-10 Jahaira-MJFLIX-08 Jahaira-MJFLIX-09 Jahaira-MJFLIX-04 Jahaira-MJFLIX-05 Jahaira-MJFLIX-06 Jahaira-MJFLIX-07 Jahaira-MJFLIX-02 Jahaira-MJFLIX-01

Author: Lenny

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