Jamen Shively Talks About Opening His Retail Pot Shop

We take a look at a video of Jamen Shively being interviewed about his opening a retail weed store within the next year in the newly legalized cannabis state of Washington. Thanks for tuning in and smoking out whit us here @ HMJ, Greenie’s!
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Yahweh Smokes

Erik, I just finished watching Melissa Harris-Perry's program this Saturday morning. She had a long segment on the legalization of marijuana. Her guests were Doug Fine [author of the book, "Too High to Fail"] and the film-maker, Eugene Jarecki [Documentary, "The House I Live in"]. I learned the following presumed facts: the government spends $51 Billion on anti-drug efforts; there are now 18 States + D.C. that have legalized medical marijuana; California now collects more than $100 million dollars from their drug dispensaries. What really caught my imagination was the fact by Mr. Jarecki that Portugal legalized ALL drugs ten years ago. Their society now has the least problems with drug usage and associated crimes.


Thanks for dropping the info about Melissa's show here in comments, I will track it down and check it out. If you haven't viewed "Breaking The Taboo", make sure you do, I think you will enjoy it. Toke on!


Portugal is an excellent model for the United States to take into serious consideration. The documentary "Breaking The Taboo" has a segment devoted to Portugal and is well worth viewing if you haven't already done so. Thanks for dropping the info about Melissa's program in comments, I will track down the show and check it out. Thanks for your loyal readership. Toke on.

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