Jay-Hova Thinks You Young Rapsters are Too High

TVNZ– Jay-Z believes the hip hop genre has become “more mellow” because some of his peers are smoking marijuana.

“Public Enemy were a great force in the 80s. Chuck D was a powerful speaker and a great thinker. The intensity of life on the street in the 80s is right there in that mix. Hip hop sounds get mellower in the 90s, when people started smoking more weed,” he said.

Okay well maybe that’s not exactly what he meant. This article made me laugh a little, I can imagine Jay-Z shaking his head at all the young whippersnappers smoking these days. C’mon Jay remember when you “felt the high that you get from the La” back in 96? I’m sure Jay might still partake every once in a while, but he does make kind of a point. Although in my opinion, Rap hasn’t become totally more mellow, Stoner Rap has just spun off and become a huge sub-genre. You still got French Montana and the coke boys whipping up the white stuff, Gucci Mane and his other southern cohorts slanging pills in the trap houses, and Yelawolf guzzling whiskey and causing riots in the trailer parks, DMX still smoking crack and impersonating police officers.  Rap is so diverse these days and fueled by so many different things, you can’t really generalize all rap as weed rap. But you can generalize that 98% of rappers are smoking weed, cause that’s what rappers do best!

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Author: a13

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