10 Disturbingly Entertaining Jerry Springer Fights

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The Jerry Springer Show was the ultimate trash talk tv show. As a kid, it was one of the shows that I grew up on. I used to tape it, skip school to watch it, and obsess of it. Over the last years of it being on the air, it toned down significantly but in the earlier years, you could almost bet that there would always be some sort of extremely dysfunctional families on there or some people who just needed a place to slug it out. The show covered topics like adultery, bestiality, divorce, homophobia, homosexuality, incest, infidelity, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, racism, strange fetishes, dwarfism, or transvestism. Sound like fun for the whole family right?

If you never have the chance to lower yourself enough to watch The Jerry Springer Show, here is your chance. Here are 10 awesome Jerry Springer fight videos that will make you either laugh or cry, or both.

Midget Fight

If I’m not mistaken, you’re not supposed to call them midgets, you’re supposed to call them dwarfs.  Dwarf sounds more offensive to me though.

Girl Fight

I think we all love girl fights. This one caught me off guard because I didn’t see it coming, neither did the other girl.

KKK Fight

Anytime the KKK gets involved, you know shit is gonna go down. If I was there I woulda jumped in to whoop some KKK ass.

Another Racist Guy

This guy gets into a fight with pretty much everyone there, except Jerry.

Paternity Test

These ones never turned out good.


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