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Everyone knows about Jersey’s decision to legalize medical marijuana.  Does that mean you can just start growing some weed in your backyard and indiscriminately selling it to whomever presents a medical marijuana card?  No, obviously.  Read on to find out what Jersey is doing to crack down on those damn recreational users (cough), and the influx of ATC (Alternative Treatment Center) requests.

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But while other states have allowed the local network of cannabis-cultivation knowledge to serve the sick and dying, individual medical gardens will not be allowed in the Garden State.

Instead, New Jersey lawmakers wrote a compromise bill that will create regional cannabis centers. The first six are required to be non-profit businesses; they will not be run by the government but will be independent entities. After the first six are in operation, for-profits may then apply for a license. The new facilities are required to grow, cure and produce medical cannabis, and dispense it from each site.

They go on to state the maximum allowable amount a patient can procure within a month’s time.  It’s 2 ounces!   For people that smoke all day to fight off the nausea of chemo, that’s probably not enough.  In regards to the other states that have passed medical marijuana laws, New Jersey has the lowest possible amount to buy.  Washington and Oregon allow 24 ounces over a 60 day period and the rest of the states don’t give a crap how much you buy.  WTF Jersey?


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