Jhené Aiko Talks About Being High For The “Bed Peace” Video, Bad Trips & More

Noisy interviewed the lovely Jhené Aiko about Childish Gambino, status on Sold Out and of course marijuana. Jhené talks about how her and Gambino got high with a vape during their “Bed Peace” video. Apparently that is why Childish Gambino looked so awkward. They also go in about her being a vape girl and what her “medical condition” was to get a medical marijuana card.

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Noisey: Why does Childish Gambino look so nervous in “Bed Peace”?
Jhené Aiko: We were HIGH. There’s a part in the video where we pass the vape. It’s called a Pax and it’s a very discrete vaporizer. You can’t even see the vapes. It was really funny because I had drinks out for all the extras, smoking. We were just having a lot of fun. He gets like that when he’s high. [Laughs]. We were both being very awkward. After we hit that couple of times, we were like, “We’re in bed together all day? Wait a minute.”

You two are friends in real life though.
Yeah, but we’ve never been in bed together.

True. So are you a vape girl?
I like weed. There was a part of my life where I wake and baked but right now, I don’t smoke every day. I think I’m becoming more of a responsible adult. I had a G-Pen at one point. I go through phases. Now, I like this vaporizer but you put the weed in there so it’s not the wax. I’ve also gone back to papers, like raw papers.  Literally I can smoke three days ago and feel a little high. My tolerance right now is really low.

Ever had a bad trip?
Yeah. I only smoke sativa now.  When I was younger, I’d only smoke indica and I would be super paranoid. Everyone, even people I was comfortable with, would turn into “I don’t know if she’s really my friend? Are the cops gonna come right now? What was that light in sky?” I had stopped smoking and one day, I smoked with a friend and I was like, “Why was I so happy?” and he was like “Oh. This is sativa. I must go get a medical marijuana card!”

What was the “medical condition” you put on your application?
It was a real reason. I have slight scoliosis so my back always hurts. Um, insomnia, but who doesn’t? Sativa keeps you up anyways so that doesn’t really matter. And depression.

I didn’t know about the depression. Have you talked about that openly?
Just in songs. Yeah.

Read the full interview here.

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