Joe Gibbs retires, whats next for the Redskins?

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Hall of famer Joe Gibbs retired today after his second tenure with the Washington Redskins. His second time around wasn’t as good as his first time around, in which he won 3 of 4 Superbowl appearances and was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame.

In his second time around, Gibbs spent 4 years with the Skins and made 2 playoff appearances. He went 31-36 overall going 1-2 in the playoffs. Not the most impressive record but if you take into consideration everything this team and this coach had to endure this season, you have to be impressed.

Something tells me that Redskins owner Dan Snyder probably pushed this on Gibbs a little bit but it’s probably best at this point. Watching Gibbs, who is 67 years old, in all his press conferences this year, you can tell that this season took a lot out of him.

So whats next for the Skins? The speculation going around is that it will either be current Redskins assistant coach Gregg Williams or former Steelers coach Bill Cowher. Even though Cowher has made it clear that he won’t Coach in 2008, does anyone actually believe that? Not me.

All these Coaches who become announcers, always go back first chance they get. Just look at Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka, Marty Schottenheimer, Dennis Green and Joe Gibbs (lol!). I fully expect Bill Cowher to be back next year. Don’t know with who yet but my guess is either the Skins or the Ravens.

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Author: Lenny

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