Jtruth’s Debut on HMJ

Whats good HMJ this is your boy Jtruth checking in for my first official post. I won’t waste time with all that David Copperfield shit but basically I am an 18 year old aspiring screenwriter with plenty of love for all the things you’ll find here on Hail Mary Jane. For today I’m going to give you guys a little taste of everything. So as I hit my carefully positioned vaporizer (directly left of my keyboard) I encourage you all to light up and enjoy.

There is nothing Jtruth enjoys more than smokin’ trees and draining three’s. Last week two of the NBA’s premiere players and former olympic teammates(that team won gold under my boy Coach K) faced off when Lebron James and Dwayne Wade went head to head. The King and D Wade had met 21 times before last night and Lebron held a 12-9 advantage in the series. Just a week or so ago Lebron and D Wade both dropped 32 in a last second Cavaliers win. (Lebron intercepted a Wade behind the back pass which lead to a free throw to win the game) So light up something good and enjoy the highlights from last nights

I hope none of you were holding in a huge hit when you saw Lebron posterize D Wade because I was and lets just say I coughed like a fourteen year old girl smoking her first bowl.

Speaking of Smokin’ Trees and Draining Threes for all of you basketball/mary jane enthusiasts I think you’ll appreciate this. Check out this link below. They have some sick NBA hats that are lady jane inspired. The Chicago Bowls, The Boston Chronics, L.A Bakers just to name a few.


I love the idea of HMJ posting songs to toke to. I don’t know about all of you but for me toking to just the right music just makes the high that much better. Heres a song for ya’ll to toke up to. Enjoy
Chris Webby La La La

Alright ya’ll just like every great blunt this post has to come to an end. I’m excited and honored to be a new member of the HMJ team you’ll be hearing from me again soon. Stay Up.


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Author: Jtruth

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