Judge Sentences Grower 2 Years In Prison After Seen Snowboarding

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Image via Associated Press.

Hey all, this story is coming out of Radford Semelein England. Keith DelaraBond, 34, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis at his home between January 2009 and June 2010. Last year, when the fuzz raided Keith’s home, they found 32 plants, 32 root balls and some leaves and cuttings showing this wasn’t his first crop. Each 32-plant crop was said to produce around £4,000 street value (5,789 US dollars).When interviewed, Keith told police he used cannabis for pain caused by nerve damage in his back due to a motorcycle accident. This would have worked, until miss bitch prosecutor Vicki Lofrese showed footage of Keith snowboarding in Canada between January and April 2009. Full story can be found here.

Judge Faber said: “I do not believe him. I do not believe a man who suffers so greatly from back pain would undertake such rigorous training.

“I am equally driven to the conclusion that his assertion he did not intend to supply cannabis for financial gain is totally untrue.”

Now, a lot of us that are medical marijuana patients have legitimate reasons for smoking marijuana, and then the rest of us don’t and that is perfectly fine. This guy really didn’t have a reason to use it other than the fact he wanted to get high, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he should have went with one of the easier ones like “I use marijuana because i have trouble sleeping.” I don’t believe Miss Lofrese could have shown pictures of him sleeping by ten every night. Best of luck to you though, Keith.


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Author: Brennan

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