Just Down from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Just down the street from the house in the picture is a store called WeGrow, a retailer that bills itself as a one-stop shop for marijuana cultivators.  This is WeGrow’s first East Coast location which opened Friday about four miles from The White House.  Though WeGrow does not sell pot or seeds, the superstore offers equipment and supplies for indoor growing, including lights, fertilizer, drying racks and trimming machines, along with classes on how to grow medicinal weed.
Alex Wong, a New York City native is the owner of the business. He once worked on Wall Street, and says his mother’s death from cancer at age 59 inspired him to learn more about marijuana’s medical applications. “She had to go through the chemo and loss of appetite and all the bad things that happen,” he said. Seventy percent of Americans favor permitting doctors to prescribe marijuana to relieve pain and suffering, according to a 2010 Gallup poll.

“I am thrilled that the District of Columbia is one step closer to having the medical marijuana program available for those patients most in need,” Dr. Mohammad Akhter, Director of the D.C. Department of Health, said in a statement.

This story is getting a lot of coverage, probably because it illustrates how the Congress has opposed the will of the voters in D.C. Those voters said “yes” to medical marijuana a long time ago, and still don’t have it. A Congress that can’t move forward on the peoples business has certainly held the good people of D.C. back. Congress is supposed to be the employee, not the boss. Your thoughts are invited.

Read more at The NY Daily News.

[image: google images white house]

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