Kentucky Reduces Marijuana-Related Punishments With New House Bill.

Governor Steve Beshear signed into law a landmark justice reform bill designed to decrease the state’s prison population, reduce incarceration costs, reduce crime and increase public safety. HB 463 is estimated to save the Commonwealth $422 million over the next decade. The bill is the culmination of years of study and work to solve a complex problem: out-of-control corrections costs.

One trend that seems to be permeating throughout the entire United States is the over-population of the prison system.

It enables the state to continue to be tough on crime, but at the same time be smarter about it

Choosing to take a proactive approach to the over populating prison system instead of ignoring it, Governor Steve Beshear Pointing out that Kentucky has a over 250% increase of prisoners in 3 years in the state, a problem that many states have that doesn’t get addressed.

Now Greenies don’t start thinking that Kentucky is the new California or anything, but this is a huge step in the right direction. No more will someone caught with something a trivial as 3 bags in Kentucky not be facing the same punishment as, say, the local piffman. It’s great to see that lawmakers are makings strides to prioritize state spending, an example I’d love to see permeate out to other states.

This economy is just now seeing improvement but states still need to be gauging spending and to continue to dump money into the prison system instead of making much-needed community improvements is not fair to residents of any area.

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Author: Blake

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