Kief Sandwiches

My buddies and I used to do this. We would call it “Kief Sandwiches” . We thought it was the greatest thing since smoking our first bong rip. This was a normal thing for us to do. Being young and dumb, we thought this was perfect. After smartening up a little, we realized we were just bunring up the kief faster. At least that is what I think. If you have weed over the kief, it is going to just burn right through, right? I feel it is better to put a little weed at the bottom of the bowl and then fill the rest up with kief. Spark a very small part of the kief and just keep hitting it so you won’t need to relight it. Kief burns for a very long time. I don’t maybe I’m in the wrong here but this diagram is misleading. Spotted at 420Chan.

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