King James on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Lebron James is doing the talk show circuit promoting his new documentary and book. I’m looking forward to both; I love basketball, but even many non-fans will be fascinated by Lebron’s story.

By the time he was a senior in high school, Lebron had been featured on ESPN numerous times, and was the undisputed number one pick in the next NBA draft. He was a superstar before he even laced up his kicks for a Cavalier game. Since then he has added six years of experience and has built himself into 250 pounds of muscle; with the grace of a point guard and the explosiveness of a power forward, he will dominate the NBA individually for many years to come.

Yet much like Michael Jordan early in his career, Lebron lacks the team accomplishments that separate the great from the legendary in the NBA. Maybe that will begin to change this season, with the acquisition of Shaq; it remains to be seen how much diesel Shaq has left in the tank.

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Author: Stoner Jesus

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