Kush Expo 2011 – Anaheim Convention Center Wrap-Up


HMJ was there for this year’s Kush Expo held in Anaheim, CA and I was fortunate enough to cover the event for them! Friday at 3PM kicked off the event that was held at Anaheim Convention Center. Upon entering, you walk right into the vendor’s area which had about ten rows of medical marijuana collectives, grow supplies, apparel, lawyers, publications and various accessory vendors.

They had a smoking area outside for 215 patients and their system of checking verifications was pretty lax. I was disappointed upon walking through the door however and merely seeing a corral made of metal barricades.

Smoking Area with Disneyland in Background
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Smoking Area with Disneyland in Background

Yep! Make the patients feel like they aren’t doing anything wrong. I guess I had hoped we’d get something like the medication area the Cannabis Cup San Francisco had last month. The second day, Saturday, they managed to find some canopies and seating to put in the medication area.

After christening the smoking area, I cruised around seeing all the newest smoking gadgets that were at the Expo. I picked up a really neat new type of pipe called the TuckNToke which I’m excited to try out. It’s supposed to be great for camping, boating and skiing, all the activities I love doing and know how hard it is to grab a toke! Look for a product review from me later on.

Mystic Roots took the stage with special guest Marko around 6:30 Friday evening with their lively, upbeat reggae-inspired original tunes and got everybody on their feet.

Winning the LA Music Award for Best Reggae/Pop Album, “Constant Struggle,” which includes the underground hit song, “Pass the Marijuana.” They also won a Marijuana Music Award for Best Artist 2011. They were all very down to Earth and I’m hoping to get an interview with them for all our Greenies soon!

Saturday kicked off at 11AM and quickly filled up with curious stoners and supporters. After chatting with several of the vendors, I spent most of my time out in the medication area – go figure! With the canopies, seating and tables they put up overnight, it was a pretty great place to hang out and meet new Greenies!

Gil, from WeedMaps was out in the medication area and brought a nice titanium nail & globe setup and was sharing dabs with anyone willing to step up and try it. I had some Mr. Nice wax from Cannabis Cup with me so we exchanged dabs.


Saturday evening’s entertainment started off wit the 420 Comic. I thought he was funny but he either has a tough crowd or very stoned crowd because all I heard were crickets. Los Marijuanos took stage fronted by Ponyboy and classify themselves as modern Day Hemp Freedom Fighters. Preaching the legalization vibe everywhere they go! Their music can be defined as “good get high music” by their legions of fans world wide. Their music is for the patients, the growers, the care givers, hemp believers, as well as the smokers and the tokers.

Sunday closed out the event with a Hot Kush Girl Contest sponsored by OCPC .

All in all Kush Expo was a fun, successful event. HMJ meets the most awesome people at them and that’s what makes it all worthwhile being there. We love covering all the Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis related expos all for our Greenies!!  I wish Los Angeles and the So Cali area could do one fantastic event instead of several “ok” events. I’m sure the visitors would agree! Do you have a Hemp/Marijuana/Cannabis event you know about and we need to be at? Email Me!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, we will be uploading all of the photos from the event there.

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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