L.A. Attorneys Suppress Medical Marijuana Research Study

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Remember this? The study conducted by the RAND Corporation which proved forcibly medical marijuana clinics actually caused crime to go up? Well, Los Angeles County prosecutors didn’t take kindly to RAND bringing “facts” and “research” and “the first systematic analysis of the link between medical marijuana dispensaries and crime” into their witch hunt, so they directed their clumsily wielded power at RAND itself and had the study pulled from the think tank’s web site.

Warren Robak, a media spokesperson for RAND, is on record as saying the study has been withdrawn pending further review after vocal criticism from the L.A. city attorney’s office. The attorney’s office, which had a large hand in forcing through the unconstitutional closure of L.A. dispensaries, has managed to partially succeed in suppressing the results of a scientific study, but not fully. The RAND study can still be found and read on the web site of Americans For Safe Access.

The anti-medical-marijuana lobby continues to fight against social and medical research studies which prove marijuana is not a danger to people or communities. The city attorney’s office, which is supposed to be an agency tasked with protecting the community, has instead become a stubborn institution more interested in persecution than justice.

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