L.A Cannabis Dispensary Count Still Near 2009 High

Despite the city of Los Angeles’s attempt to shut down all but 100 of the current 545 dispensaries,  a city councilman proposing to outlaw them altogether, and even after the federal crackdown, L.A still remains the headquarters of medical marijuana in the golden state. This has been a goal of L.A since late 2009 when pot dispensaries outnumbered Starbucks and there seemed to be one on every street corner with some even being near schools, playgrounds, churches, etc. Even in spite of all this pushback, dispensaries there continue to flourish because of the ever increasing demand for safe access to high quality cannabis.

It is estimated today that there are still around 500 shops in L.A and with many blatantly defying state law and not paying their taxes. Still it doesn’t mean that all dispensaries are trying to defy the city, many of them want to act legit and follow all city and state laws.

The city counts 372 of them have registered to pay up under a voter-approved plan that will tax their sales by 5 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times.

That’s still about 75% of dispensaries trying to act legit which is a great number to see considering that there are still many who don’t consider it a legit business. That means most of these dispensaries are ones who aren’t looking to give anyone medical marijuana but only patients who hold valid recommendations and are verified through a system.

Still city councilman Jose Huizar wants to ban all dispensaries in L.A even though these shops are creating jobs, tax dollars, helping patients, lowering crime rates, and more. What’s even stranger is that Mr. Huizar was an original supporter of medical marijuana and if his ban ends up going through, it could cost the city $10 million in desperately needed tax revenue. The good news is that it seems that no matter what the local, state or even federal government tries to do, they can’t seem to close the doors to all these shops because simply, there is too much demand for it.


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