Laisa Andrioli officially takes the Crown as the hottest female soccer player


Ok so I'm starting to see more and more why Soccer is such a popular sport in Brazil. Meet Laisa Andrioli... Officially the hottest soccer player on earth.

Andrioli is a 20 year old brazilian Soccer player who plays for the national team. She is getting a lot of attention right now on and off the field... and for good reason.

Now I guarantee if the United states female soccer players looked like this, we would watch it much more but they do so it's official. I'm definitely makin a trip to Brazil.

laisa_andrioli_21.jpg laisa_andrioli_10.jpg laisa_andrioli_3.jpg laisa_andrioli_17.jpg laisa_andrioli_12.jpg

If thats not enough, heres a video shoot of her. Now I see why they call it the beautiful sport.

[Source NS4W]

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Author: Lenny

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