Las Vegas Opens First MMJ Dispensary

As good as it is to file this report, remember that the voters of Nevada gave MMJ the “thumbs up” back in 2000. The first medical marijuana dispensary has officially opened in Las Vegas, NV. So, for the state, the count is now up to two. And, that’s two more than where I live, so, good work, Nevada. Slow and steady will win this race. Here’s more:


Euphoria Wellness, 7785 S. Jones Blvd., opened its doors to 200 pre-registered patients yesterday, Sept. 2, at 10 a.m, becoming the first dispensary in the Las Vegas area and second in the state to begin selling medical marijuana under a 2013 state law. It will be open to all medical marijuana cardholders today, Sept. 3.

LaMarca said he was “numb” with excitement, as he watched the 20 patients file into the dispensary one at a time to fill out paperwork and speak to the “wellness guides” who would help them make a purchase. Excluding the initial paperwork, the shopping process takes as little as 10 minutes.

The building, located in a suburban shopping center next to a dentist and a bar, has an clean, well-lit design reminiscent of a pharmacy. Upon entering, patients encounter a waiting room where their registration is checked before being ushered behind bulletproof glass security doors to inspect the merchandise.

At its opening, Euphoria Wellness has only six strains for sale in glass display cases, but it plans to offer as many 27 varieties once supplies increase. Candies, baked goods and other cannabis edibles, oils and tinctures will also eventually go on sale.

Lots more detail at the original post.

[Image via: Google images “Euphoria Wellness”]

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