LEAP and Pat Robertson Agree

Pat Robertson and LEAP have both made it into this column recently, and now they are publicly agreeing with one another.  Pat Robertson of the 700 Club recently said, “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. …This war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.”   LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, gets mentioned in HMJ often.  Their executive director, Neill Franklin, a retired narcotics cop, agrees with Robertson, saying, “The Christian population is finally seeing that this is a human rights issue with the number of people we’re putting in prison for nonviolent (drug offenses) . . .If you … follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, you’ll recognize immediately that this is immoral, what we’re doing.”
The DailyPress.com goes on to quote Harvard economist Jeffrey A. Miron, who claims that legalizing drugs would save about $41.3 billion a year on enforcement. Of that, $25.7 billion would go to state and local governments, the rest to the federal government. Legalizing marijuana alone would save nearly $9 billion. And if those drugs were taxed at rates comparable to alcohol and tobacco, Miron writes, it would yield $46.7 billion annually — $8.7 billion from marijuana.

Greenies, when speaking with those who don’t see the world as we do, be sure to mention these two sources. Cops and preachers are hard for people to ignore, no matter how much they think they disagree with us. It falls to us to change hearts and minds. After that changing laws won’t be such a challenge.

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