How Legal Cannabis Changed Colorado & Washington

Cannabis has been legal in two states, Colorado and Washington, for two years now.  And . . .
1. Teen marijuana use is unchanged. In both Colorado and Washington, state surveys have shown no significant change in marijuana use among teens since voters passed legalization measures.

2. Marijuana arrests are way down — but racial disparities remain. “Arrests in all states and Washington, D.C. for the possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana have plummeted since voters legalized the adult use of marijuana,” the DPA finds, citing official state and municipal numbers. The reduction in arrests is “saving those jurisdictions millions of dollars and preventing the criminalization of thousands of people.”

3. Marijuana legalization appears to have had little impact on traffic fatalities. “In Colorado and Washington the post-legalization traffic fatality rate has remained statistically consistent with pre-legalization levels, is lower in each state than it was a decade prior, and is lower than the national rate,” the DPA writes, citing federal traffic statistics through 2014.

4. Tax revenues have gone up, but make up a small slice of state budgets overall. By the second year of legalization, marijuana tax revenues exceeded projections in both Colorado and Washington. In the most recent fiscal years, recreational marijuana brought in $129 million in taxes in Colorado and $220 million in Washington.

5. Rates of marijuana poisonings [what? — editor] among small children in Colorado increased post-legalization, although the overall numbers remain negligible: There were 47 marijuana-related poison control center calls in Colorado in 2015, up from 25 in 2013. The rate of adult emergency department visits for marijuana use also increased following legalization. This was mostly attributable to more emergency department visits from tourists who had come to the state and had a negative experience with marijuana.

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