Legal Pot, Nude Beach Among Seattleites Wishes

I’m not sure exactly what Mike McGinn, the new mayor of Seattle, had in mind when he had Ideas for Seattle created. It is a website where residents can go on and vote for different needs that the city has and it looks like they made their needs pretty clear. Legal pot and a nude beach are necessities that these residents have lived without for long enough. These two issues to the second and third spots amongst Seattle residents. Not 100% sure whether or not they need to use both at the same time but hey, why not?

The ideas are posted on a website,, started by Mayor Mike McGinn after his election so Seattle residents can express their preferences. Each person is allowed up to 10 votes.

The top five ideas on the website as of Thursday:

1. Expand as much light rail and subway as possible. (2,147 votes)

2. Legalize marijuana and tax it. (1,534 votes)

3. Set aside park beach areas for European-style, clothing-optional recreation (sunbathe and skinny dip). (828 votes)

4. Make Seattle the first U.S. city to be carbon neutral. (690 votes)

5. Revitalize Pioneer Square. (641 votes)

Supporters of legalized marijuana say it would bring in lots of money through taxes and discourage drug gangs. “It’s already happening so why not bring it out in the open and treat it like the business it is?” says the website entry.

Sounds like these are some changes that certainly need to be made. If so, Seattle might be the place to be.

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Author: Lenny

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