Legalization Petitions Flood the Whitehouse

The Obama administration, though well aware of the enormous public support for federal marijuana reform, continues to stand behind its status quo policy. Their strategy it seems is to show responsiveness-- the White House has issued three responses on the issue--while avoiding any substantive debate. Their message: we hear you, but we're just not interested in your ideas.

For marijuana activists across the country, Obama's stonewalling should be treated as a rallying point. The Whitehouse is betting that the pro-cannabis community will burn out and lose interest in the idea of federal reform. They're waiting to see if we have the tenacity to prove them wrong.

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Author: Bryan Basamanowicz

Bryan Basamanowicz makes his living in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach. He wrote a book on his practice-- you can check it out at ParanoidHuman.Com Follow Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching on twitter facebook

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  • M

    "The Whitehouse is betting that the pro-cannabis community will burn out and lose interest in the idea of federal reform."
    I am 99% sure that this is something that the government is considering or currently doing. If you fight something long enough someone has to give in… lets make sure that it is them and not us!

  • Youppi

    Keep on going strong! The road of prohibition is running out, and we shall spread the message of peace and love. And let mary wake the people up from this system/society, of evil!

    On a side note im from sweden, fighting the same fight as you guys over there in america, the “method of silence” from the government is the same here.

    Peace! And remember to love.
    /Nisse – Sweden