Legalize Gay Marijuana

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Image Via Stylish With Substance

Me and our fearless leader were discussing this exact same topic on Skype a few weeks ago. If you haven’t been paying attention to the low hum of political action than you might wanna clean your ears out because things are about to get very loud..and I’m hoping that you join us as part of the noise.

With the 57th presidential election coming up in November of 2012 there will plenty of talk about whose doing what for whom. Politicians will promise us all sorts of things and then they’ll switch up on us like the only dude with a weed supply does with his prices when the city’s going through a ‘drought’. I love Barack like everyone else but like everyone else I’m feeling some type of way after he turned the DEA on us a few weeks ago.

Well, there’s another group of people who aren’t very happy with unsatisfied election promises left over from yesteryear and those are my LGBT family out here.

The gay people are tired of playing nice and the marijuana smokers are aggie….

With that being said, if you’ve been on our site keeping up with the ever changing weed culture then you already know that each week there’s another state stepping up their political campaigns to make moves to get marijuana available to those who need it.

We’ve all got our eyes on Colorado whose now pushing for the decriminalization of marijuana after having successfully lobbied for and won the right to have medical use weed. Since then they’ve developed a booming revenue streaming industry. Colorado is becoming more of a political hot spot for marijuana and Civilian Privacy Rights than even our tried and true California has been as of lately.

But there’s more, recently Colorado has also seen a rumbling in the bushes from another disenfranchised group, namely, the same-sex marriage advocates who were cleared last week to begin petitioning the state’s refusal to recognize same sex marriage. Both marijuana and same sex advocates are currently collecting the signatures required to appear on their state’s ballot for the next elections.

In February 2011, Colorado State Senator Pat Steadman and State Representative Mark Ferrandino, both openly gay Democrats, introduced the 2011 Colorado Civil Union ActSenate Bill 11-172, on Valentine’s Day.

Ever since New York passed their historic Marriage Equality Act, other states are surly going to look to them for inspiration in changing their own biased laws. Some news sources are even beginning to link Michelle Bachman‘s anti-gay rhetoric to the trend in teen suicides. Many feel that anti-gay rhetoric contributes to a lack of concern for teenagers who are the victims of bullying. Her involvement with the Minnesota Family Council who work in conjunction with the Parents Action League lobbied to put ‘corrective therapy’ into schools as a treatment for homosexuality issues. They are now seeking to add an amendment to the Minnesota state constitution that bans gay marriage.

There’s going to be alot of doors getting kicked off the hinges in the next twelve months. Don’t forget to wear your helmet, kids.

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Author: TRJ

Political pondering as seen through a smoky purple hazed shade. A poet and provocateur who won't remember how and why I may have offended you please refrain from complaining. I love the kids; nature and I promote peace and humanity as mush as I can when not fighting domestic terrorist aka 'The Man'.

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