Legalize It: The Chronic Pain Suffers Clause

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They’ve been doing it in California for a while and even if you haven’t heard about it, you’ve at least seen it referred to (pun intended) on HBO’s Weeds: legalizing marijuana for the sake of those who suffer from chronic pain. I just read another article today about a rural Illinois jury ruling on a case that would have sentenced 59-year-old Loren Swift with a mandatory minimum of six years behind bars for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

The Vietnam veteran walks with a cane, has bad knees and feet and says he uses marijuana to relieve body pain, as well as to help cope with post traumatic stress. Swift was arrested after officers from a state “drug task force” found 25 pounds of pot and 50 pounds of growing plants in his home in 2007 and was found innocent by his peers. After the ruling, jurors were seen shaking Swift’s hand and one reportedly slapped Swift on the back.

If US citizens that suffer from chronic pain are permitted to smoke weed freely, then I’d like to report my chronic pain: life! Buddhists live by four noble truths; the first of which is that life is suffering. That sounds like chronic pain to me, so I think it’s only fair if the US Government extend this right to anyone that happens to suffer from this particular ailment. Who’s with me?


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Author: Sabs

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