Legalizing All Drugs?


One thing about this picture you may not know about is that three out of the five drugs in this picture should never be legal. The other two Weed & Hash [really I guess there just both weed] should become legal, but Former Police Chief Norm Stamper thinks much different. He says, 'Let's Not Stop at Marijuana Legalization'.

A new poll shows that most Americans are ready to legalize marijuana, but not drugs like cocaine or heroin. A 34-year police vet says it's time to legalize them all.

Now this article from says some interesting things about the U.S Drug trade. A couple quick notes from it.

Indeed, a new poll reveals that 53 percent of Americans now support ending marijuana prohibition.

Yet, I'm alarmed that the above-mentioned poll showing majority support for marijuana legalization also found that fewer than one in 10 people agree that it's time to end the prohibition of other drugs.

Further, once people get used to the idea of allowing legal sales of the previously banned drug we'll be able to point to successful regulation as a model for similar treatment of all other currently illicit substances.

Before reading this I really didn't think there would ever be talks of legalizing all drugs in the U.S. That only happens in Mexico. I don't agree with it at all. So what do you guys think. Should all drugs be legal?

Should all drugs be legal?

Should we legalize all drugs?

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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  • therealkepler

    Maybe you should learn the history around MDMA before you say it should never be legal. It started out as a revolutionary drug that did absolute wonders for people with severe psychological disorders. Then it became a party drug and a scourge on society.

    Seriously, learn about the drugs you're talking about and the credibility of this site can skyrocket.

  • valleysmog

    Portugal just legalized all drugs, and they have only seen positive benefits.,8599,18

    • therealkepler

      decriminalized ≠ legalized

  • ThisIsT

    This is my opinion. I know all about MDMA and all other drugs. I just don't think they are good for people to be doing.