Legolize It! Marijuana Themed LEGO Art Show Opens In LA This Weekend


If you are down for the marijuana movement, live in Los Angeles, and love legos (who doesn’t?) then you have something very special in store for you soon. Opening this weekend, art collective LAGO will be showing off their “Legolize It!” exhibition which is art gallery featuring your favorite sticky buds in lego form. DON’T SMOKE THEM!

The Known Gallery in Los Angeles will host the event and it will run from May 26th-June 9th. The experience will include a simulated marijuana purchase for participants complex with synthetic starter-plants and seedlings. DON’T SMOKE THOSE EITHER!

In the wake of increasing raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries by local, state and federal drug enforcement agencies, the LAgo brand’s brand-new, flagship storefront is set to open on May 26, 2012 at Known Gallery located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The LAgo brand, as a perpetual “harvest” of healing power, has been especially commodified to meet the addictions of anyone who has ever wanted to experience the transaction of purchasing medical marijuana – or fine art – at a legal business organization.
Synthetic starter-plants, seedlings, clones and a totally huge selection of intoxicating, fake plastic buds- all built with LEGO bricks to resemble some of the finest strains of medicinal marijuana ever grown- will be on display and available for limited purchase.

Overall these seems like it is going to be a great event. If you are in the LA area, you should definitely find a day to check it out.

Known Gallery

441 North Fairfax Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036



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