Let Freedom Ring

OMG Moment! The suits in government have finally passed legislation that will legalize the beautiful leaf in the District! I never thought D.C. (the military state) would allow it before my current, beloved state of New York, but it’s all good. I’m not ‘joning’ on the District. I might even more down there…lol. JK.

But the government is not joking at all.  Apparently, Congress has decided to let State and Local governments create their own legislation as to how they punish (or allow) marijuana users, medicinal or criminal. If the states choose to let people grow, smoke or eat the plant freely, then citizens will not have to worry about the Feds busting up their dispensaries (as long as the operators comply with state law). Great news for the District’s Mary Jane advocates.  Just be sure to have that paperwork in order DC!

‘States with medical marijuana programs should now be free from federal interference since Congress has allowed local control,’ attorney Matthew Pappas at Pappas Law Group, based in Long Beach, California, told Toke of the Town Monday afternoon.

Now I’m not sure how deep this legislation goes in Washington DC (the article didn’t say), but I AM sure that those in the know are going to take full advantage of this situation. You’ve heard about those Congressman and insider trading right? If not, picture congressmen with their own Mary farms below their government issued dwelling. Because if we’re just now finding out about DC’s legalization, I’m certain those thugs in Congress have been raking in racks for a while now. Toke of the town reports:

​’Congress has turned over the area of medical marijuana to state and local governments,’ said Pappas, speaking for the disabled plaintiffs in the California case Marla James v. the Cities of Costa Mesa and Lake Forest. ‘Through Congress’s duty to equally protect everyone under the law, all patients in states with medical marijuana laws operating in full compliance with those laws should not, from now forward, be subject to previous long standing federal marijuana prohibitions.’

So what does all this mean for us common folk? It means that those people who live in states that have legalized and/or decriminalized/ minimized the punishment for marijuana possession, can now safely practice whatever the state mandates without fearing federal prosecution. So for all my cousins and extended fam back in the Bay Area, let freedom ring!

Hell, didn’t I say I was thinking about moving to DC?

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Author: Cece Rubic

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