Life of a “Trim Bitch”

Ever think about the people who produce the premium cannabis you enjoy?  Here’s a story abouth those who trim the buds you smoke.  You will want to read this one.


This time of year, new girls are constantly coming to the property. It’s mid-July in southern Humboldt County, and the first round of the year’s marijuana harvest—all one thousand pounds of it—is hanging in the sheds or newly dried in contractor bags and cardboard boxes, ready for us to start trimming into perfect, salable little nuggets. From now until Christmas, we’ll trim 16 hours a day, every day. We’ll sit the whole time, break sparingly for food, and only get up to the go to the bathroom when we absolutely must. We’ll smoke constantly and increasingly. Even with 30 of us, we’ll be pushing to get it all done before the end of the year.
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Back then, legalization wasn’t as imminent as it is now; federal raids were real and constant threats. Though some growers had the medical paperwork to legitimize their plants in California, it wasn’t uncommon, or illegal, for the Feds to bust them. Because of this, lots of growers wouldn’t even bother getting permits; they just took their chances, like Jim did. While we were remote enough that I felt relatively safe, we still froze whenever a black helicopter would fly low through the valley. Jim carried a pistol in his belt at all times. “If shit goes down,” he would tell me, “just start running.” I nodded, trying not to think about the fact that I had no place to run to.

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Still, being a trimmer carries a certain amount of stigma along with it. The media portrayal of the marijuana industry showcases social reform, progressive activism, and female empowerment, but out on the farms things feel much different. The gender roles are distinct and historic: Men grow, women trim. While the men are fixtures—usually property owners—the women are interchangeable, expendable labor.
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In reality, trimming is tedious, difficult, boring, and absolutely necessary work. While the growers don’t want to do this work, they still need their buds trimmed in order to sell their product. This, I believe, is why a term like “trim bitch” could exist in the first place. It’s a way to devalue a woman’s labor, even as it’s actively depended upon. It’s also a reminder that if you aren’t pulling your weight, there are countless other girls who can take your place.

You will find this complete and worthwhile read HERE.


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