List: 10 Cool TV Shows To Watch While You’re Stoned

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List: 10 Cool TV Shows To Watch While You’re Stoned

Here is a list of 10 of my favorite TV shows to watch while I’m baked. Not all TV shows require you to blaze up in order to enjoy them, but let’s face it, it sure doesn’t hurt. The list isn’t in any particular order of importance to me they are merely listed as they came to me. You know how we stoners are when we are trying to recall long lists of information, you’re all ” Oh yeah, that is a cool show, let me write that down before I forget again!” I hope you dig the list and if you have any suggestions for shows that you dig that I may have overlooked or just can’t find the time to watch, then list them in the comments section below. So let’s break out the beaker based bong and gingerly clean up a fat pile of frosty nugz and toke out to our favorite TV shows to watch while baked. Peace out, Greenie’s!

Trailer Park Boys


Reno 911!

Discovery Channel’s: Natures Most Amazing Events


Discovery Channel’s: Planet Earth


Family Guy


The Big Bang Theory


Breaking Bad


American Horror Story


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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