List: 10 Reasons to Stop Smoking Synthetic Weed

Synthetic weed has been outlawed in a ton of counties across the United States. It has been made illegal in my entire surrounding area of Detroit. When we have things like this and that happening in our city, it is time to get rid of this crap. Thank God they have done just that. I’ve had friends who love the “shit”. Me, never thought it was anything worth paying for, let alone smoking. It always made my chest hurt, tasted like shit (looking like the guy above) and gave me a weird high feeling. Mostly just made me feel weird. I don’t like feeling weird, just getting weird.

So why the hell would I want that. Especially when I could hit a blunt of finely grown medical marijuana. I hope this stuff gets banned everywhere in the world. No reason to smoke fake weed, when real weed isn’t bad for you. Smoking fake weed is like drinking fake water. There is no point to it. Luckily Complex has helped show the the idiots who smoke fake weed and the ones who don’t know about it what it does to you.

1. Confusion

I’m already confused on a daily basis. No need to be more confused.

2. Increased Blood Pressure

Because we don’t already get enough from fast foods.

3. Convulsions

If I’m going to risk getting convulsions, I’m going to do a drug like molly or cocaine.

4. Acute Anxiety

I smoke weed to get rid of anxiety, not to have more of it.

5. Rage

Since when is any type of weed suppose to make you rage?

6. Vomiting

Probably because of the horrible taste.

7. Hallucinations

No comment.

8. Experiencing a Psychotic Episode

Seems legit.

9. Withdrawal

Real weed has no withdrawals!

10. Heart Attacks


Smoking synthetic weed has the complete opposite effect than smoking medical marijuana. Visit Complex for a little more explaining. That is how I will leave this.

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