Little Town with Big Arrests

Sierra Blanca is a small Texas town but a big bypass for celebrities traveling with Mary by their sides. The border town has increased its police presence over the years, searching over 17,000 cars, trucks and tour buses on a daily bases, many passengers possessing weed paraphernalia. Willie Nelson was busted in 2010 with a few joints, but he was given a choice: either perform the famed “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” for local sheriffs or pay a fine. When I read that, I thought “Wow! What a break! Sing a song and go on about your business. Nice.” He decided to pay the fine. The town took it in stride, however, and the country commissioner even played one of his country songs for Willie before he let Nelson go. Touché Sierra County Sheriffs. When Snopp Dogg was recently busted with a few white boys on him, he decided to pay the fine as well, and refused to comment to the Associated Press that originally printed the story. But the Washington Post, who re-covered the story, didn’t state whether or not Snoop was offered to perform to settle his violation.

Sierra Blanca police folk are excited about the new notoriety the town is getting with all the celebrity busts. Armie Hammer, actor in the Social Network, was also busted but his lawyer said the offense is a “total non-issue”. I guess it was, with the small town posing with all the rich and famous offenders after they get busted. I wonder what my ass would get if I was busted in a border town with a few joints. I know I wouldn’t be able to pose for a pic or do a song to get off the hook. But then again, nobody knows who the hell I am.

Anyway, Sierra Blanca is back on the map and everyone in the town seems to be pleased with busting celebrities and a plethora of law enforcement tactics to reinforce the border. And more importantly (to the Sheriff’s of White Mountains Sierra Blanca), Steven Seagal is due to visit to train local sheriffs in martial arts and weapons technique. The locals say that Seagal will not be filming his show Steven Seagal Lawman while he’s there, but the Hudspeth Country Sheriff (brother of the country commissioner) says “if he wants to, we can do it”. Right back at you Willie! Sierra Blanca’s in the building! Just make sure you’re clean before you drive through…not that you’d probably ever have a reason to.



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Author: Cece Rubic

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