LoveStoned: Withdrawals


Did you know that when you are in love, your brain reacts to the presence of your beloved the same way it responds to “happy” drugs, like MDMA or Prozac? You brain floods you with dopamine and serotonin- your natural  “happy” chemicals. (Chocolate does this too).  So, when you are in the physical presence of your beloved you are high as a kite. If those moments only occur for short bursts far apart from each other, you are literally throwing yourself through extremes. You depart from them, no more floods of love chemicals, and you go through withdrawal.

My relationship became long distance 6 months ago when I moved back down to LA from San Francisco. We hate it. I love him to pieces but the distance becomes such a mind fuck sometimes. We have a relatively doable situation, so-cal to nor-cal, but regardless it sucks.

First off, if I could give any advice in regards to long distance relationships, I would say Don’t Do It… Unless you really have no other option. And by no other option I mean, it doesn’t matter where you are geographically located in the world, because your heart and soul love that person and define home by their embrace.

So here I am going through these weird mood swings, mind you, this doesn’t mean I’m a raging cunt all the time, but I do have those strings of days when I just have no tolerance for the assholes driving the streets of LA…

After about 2 weeks of not seeing my man I start to get cranky…  just like that one time I stopped smoking. I straight up went through with-drawls. I couldn’t fall asleep, when I would wake up in the morning I just didn’t feel right. I would wake up in the middle of the night clammy and anxious. I became cranky with the world, and far less tolerable of the littlest things.  Actually, I cried over there being a spider in my room I had to deal with.

2nd piece of advice on the subject:

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then I pray to Jah that you are smoking! Calm yourself, breathe, and release some tension. One kind of withdrawal is enough, and no one wants to deal with your cranky ass!


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Author: Stasi

Anastasia is a native to California, literally raised on Stoner Ave. From LA to the Bay Area and back down. She received her BFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She loves good buds, food, friends, music and travel. Check out her personal blog at

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